A few years ago in Recife - Brazil, a beautiful baby girl was born to, later on, be known as Duda Asfora, whose real name still surprises non-Brazilians all around the globe.

A few years ago, fewer than the mentioned before, she decided to go to design school and got a BA in Digital Design at PUC in Rio de Janeiro. As a student, she interned for Globo.com as a visual designer before leaving to New York to attent Parsons The New School for Design with a scholarship.

Back in Brazil, she interned and later on worked for Globosat as a motion designer for more than 2 years, just to leave everything behind and move to Stockholm, Sweden to persue her masters in Interaction Design.

She is currently working again at Globo mastering and advancing her skill set as a Motion Designer while pursuing her post-grad diploma at ISEG for Marketing Management. 

Duda also likes to write in the third person to impress people she does not know. 

...and do you know what is better than seeing a photo of her here?
A: getting to meet her in person and chat.